Paul George tried to tamp down speculation on Wednesday

For this week’s query, we asked players around the NHL to tell us which city — besides their own — features the most passionate following in the league.
Gustav Nyquist, RW, Detroit Red Wings: “It’s so depending on if there’s been some sort of activity the day before, or something like that, that it changes. Carolina, we couldn’t even play this year. We had to reschedule the game because the ice was so bad. [The worst ice is] always somewhere warm.”

Nick Holden, D, New York Rangers: “They’re doing a better job of managing it and making sure to be kind of proactive, making sure the ice is better. Obviously, any given day or night the ice might turn out crappy, depending on whatever circumstances. This will be my fourth year in the league consistently playing on NHL ice, and I think what they’ve done with shoveling off the ice during breaks, having players and refs rate the ice, they’re trying to get it to the best they can. They’re doing the best they can, and on some days some arenas are good, and some arenas you can get chippier ice.”

Cam Neely, president, Boston Bruins: “Well, I know they’re certainly putting a lot more time and energy and effort behind making sure the quality is as good as it could be. Obviously, buildings that have a lot going on, whether it’s a two-, or three-sport building, or has a lot of concerts and events, it’s really difficult to maintain the ice as much as you’d really like to. But it’s certainly something that the league is doing a really good job of making sure the quality is as good as it can be, primarily for players’ safety. It started with cleaning the ice during those TV timeouts, and that makes a big difference.”

Paul George tried to tamp down speculation on Wednesday, with the NBA’s trade deadline fast approaching, by staying focused on his current job — with Indiana.

It’s an aggressive throw, but it’s also calculated with the defender playing with his back to Garoppolo. Even from a parallel platform, Garoppolo can fit this ball in to Amendola to beat the coverage scheme.235002299890916151-C201-1

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