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Unsurprisingly, the NFL Offensive Players of the Week in the AFC and NFC for Week 7 were the two quarterbacks who shined when they had arguably the most to prove. Andrew Luck Cheap Laker Jerseys Sale led the Indianapolis Colts to a victory over the previously-unbeaten Denver Broncos with 228 yards passing and three touchdowns in a 39-33 win Sunday night. Matt Ryan threw for 273 yards and three touchdowns to lead the Atlanta Falcons over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers despite missing his top two wide receivers, Julio Jones and Roddy White.

Coming off a 2-14 season, the Kansas City Chiefs are now 7-0 and the last undefeated team in the NFL. This isn’t the first time Kansas City was the last unbeaten team. The Chiefs began the 2003 season 9-0 before finishing 13-3.

Monday was the first game Baas had played in since Week 3 due to a neck injury. He started at center before leaving at the end of New York’s 17-play opening series. Baas limped of the field and back to the locker room, but did not return to the game. After the game, the 32-year-old called the injury unfortunate.

This play worked, seriously it did. Somehow, some way this Turkey Bowl backyard football play managed to fool one of the NFL’s top defenses and allow Alex Smith Cheap Kids NFL Jerseys to scamper into the end zone on a five-yard touchdown run.

Kansas City doesn’t even try to hide it. Smith is holding the ball, arm extended for what feels like an eternity before he runs up a gap caused by multiple defenders having no clue where the ball is.

It’s shocking that it took over a decade for teams to finally figure out Ed Reed’s weakness is — just let the QB keep the ball and make no effort of trickery. Nothing could be better than this play working, because it means we’re one degree of separation away from Smith hiding the ball in his shirt.

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