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“Extree extree,, yous bozos too busy gettin donkeypunched by Peyton Manning and drinkin Andy Reids Kool-Aid to even realise us Chagers boys making some noise over hea. last time the Chargahs was above .500 this late in the season Mrs. Rivers got to have a period. Thats right the only checkdown Phil Rivers does more often then me is when hes looking to see if his wifes pregnant again folks. I Cheap Lacrosse Jerseys might not be front page of the style section but at least I’m not in the obituarys like my pal Mista Mathews, I tell ya. Heres a lettah to the editah for youz: no need to get out of bed to fetch the Sunday paper either, because you can always depend on ol’ Danny to take it to the house. Hey mista, where you going?”

After writing this,, I was alerted by SB Nations own Bolts From The Blue that Danny Woodhead may/mayn’t be selling newspapers today for charity.

Youll recall Ive long been calling ol Danny “The Newsboy” on account of he always delivers on Sundays and as a white RB hes part of a dying industry, but this is would just be to cool if he was actually a newsboy today. Please if u have any Woodhead/news related tips send them to me [email protected]

At the very least, Harvin is getting closer to making his 2013 debut. He can practice for three weeks before the Seahawks would either have to activate him or send him to injured reserve. With Harvin coming back, Danny Kelly of Field Gulls is looking forward to seeing how the wide receiver is used:

More interesting to me will be how the Seahawks plan to use Harvin in their offense. Will he be just another slot receiver and will the Hawks use their standard schemes? Will they change things up dramatically for Harvin-specialized plays? Personally, I hope it’s the latter, but Cheap Kids NBA Jerseys I’m not sure that will be the case.

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