Nearly six years after that moment, Nowitzki is beginning the 2011 Western Conference finals

Cutting Jay Cutler seems like a foregone conclusion for the Bears, and his departure will leave the team with a hole at quarterback. Like Romo, Cutler is set to be a significant salary-cap hindrance in 2017, although his release doesn’t come with nearly as much dead money.

The Bears can save $14 million by releasing Cutler, supplementing the team’s already sizable amount of cap space they already have to work with.

Nearly six years after that moment, Nowitzki is beginning the 2011 Western Conference finals. He now sits with 22,792 career points in the regular season, leading the Mavericks franchise and entering the top 25 in NBA history. However, at this exact moment, Nowitzki has his eyes on an accomplishment much more dear to him: a championship.

Tyson Chandler remembers where he was sitting, on the visitors’ bench at the American Airlines Center at a shootaround before Game 1 of that series. He had arrived early for practice, but Nowitzki had beat him there. DeShawn Stevenson, sitting next to Chandler, leans over to him.

“All we’ve got to do is get that man there and we’ll have a ring,” Stevenson tells him.

Bud Carpenter, the Buffalo Bills’ longtime trainer, “admitted under oath that he witnessed team doctors give players injections of prescription medications without telling them what the drug was they were receiving or its side effects.

Of particular focus is Toradol, the powerful NSAID that became the NFL’s drug of choice over the course of two decades. The story mentions Dr. Matthew Matava, who was the St. Louis Rams’ team doctor before they relocated to Los Angeles. He led a 2012 task force on Toradol that recommended that teams curb its usage, though the task force did not lead to NFL regulation. Last year, Matava spoke with SB Nation and reiterated that team doctors were free to exercise their own discretion.

In emails unearthed from the court filings, however, Matava was much more critical of his colleagues.3

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