NFL news roundup: Steve Bisciotti blames OTL report on Ray Rice camp, Jarvis Jones headed to IR

Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti disputes ESPN OTL report on team’s handling of Ray Rice
In the latest chapter of the assault case for former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, team owner Steve Bisciotti met with the media to discuss ESPN’s Outside the Lines report last week that accused the Ravens of a massive cover-up campaign to keep Rice eligible for most of the season. Bisciotti couched most of OTL’s allegations by claiming ESPN’s sources were influenced by Rice’s camp as part of a reinstatement effort.

Bisciotti expressed satisfaction with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s handling of the case while also stating that he understands the Ravens dropped the ball with their own investigation of the assault. However, he didn’t back away from Rice the person, stating that Rice would make a great addition to their organization some day. Bisciotti also added that no one would be losing their job over the issue.

After missing most of last season with a right hip injury, Ravens tight end Dennis Pitta will miss the rest of 2014 following surgery to repair another injury to that same hip. Pitta had to be carted off Sunday after losing his balance and falling to the ground without being contacted.

You also missed Goodell doubling down on his claim that he didnt know what was on the TMZ video until the rest of America saw it- something that both ESPN and the New York Daily News has reported to be false. Well the NFL is a investigation league so Im going to wait and hear all the facts about why Roger Goodell is lying to America before jumping to any conclusions.

Solution: The NFL should start a seperate farm league thats all players who are suspended that plays its games on Tuesday and Wednesday nights instead of just sending them all to the Bengals and 49ers. That way it doubles as an new revenue stream for the League while filling in the much soughtafter 4th and 5th night of NFL on TV.3

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