No one throws a piece of pizza.

The 2017 NFL schedule will be released at a date that provides plenty of time for the league’s fans and media to break it down for months before the start of the season — about four months, to be specific.

While 2017 home and away opponents for each team, plus intraconference and interconference matchups, were released in January, NFL fans who want to buy tickets and plan trips for specific weekends won’t be able to do so until mid-to-late April, when each team’s 16-game schedule is released.

That said, strength of schedule already can be loosely determined. The AFC East, for example, is matched up against the tough AFC West and the always-tricky NFC South, which includes the defending NFC champion Falcons.

That interconference matchup is also why Sporting News can’t help but speculate what the NFL will choose as its annual, Thursday night season-opener, which the defending Cheap Volleyball Jerseys For Girls Super Bowl champions host. An immediate Patriots-Falcons rematch, anybody?

But throwing bottles is a thing. It’s a trope, something that you would see in a movie. There isn’t a lot of distance between throwing a bottle and throwing a plastic cup.

No one throws a piece of pizza. And if I had to put my Design Cheap Jerseys Online finger on it, my favorite part of “Here comes the pizza” is when the guy throws the piece of pizza. Adding the 6’0 guard to complement Akhator seemed like an ideal move for Dallas. Gray averaged 16.5 points and 8.3 rebounds per game, shooting 56.8 percent from the floor in the Gamecocks’ NCAA championship run.

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