NBA playoff scores 2017: Warriors finish off sweep of Trail Blazers

We’re down to 14 teams remaining in the NBA postseason thanks to the Golden State Warriors completing their sweep of the Portland Trail Blazers on Monday night. The Warriors join the Cavaliers as the first two teams to move on to the second round and it’s starting to feel like we may very well see these two teams again June. The Raptors also took a 3-2 lead on the Bucks and the Hawks tied their MLB Cheap Jerseys series with the Wizards at two games a piece. Here is how it all went down.

Here’s a full list of early entrants into the NBA draft. The guys who haven’t inked an agent can still withdraw after the combine. The internationals can withdraw even later.

Ernie Johnson admits to Shaq that he voted for Steve Nash for MVP in 2005. Shaq’s stunned silence says it all.

Jason Concepcion compares Kawhi to Peak Kobe. I have no comment on this matter.

Damian Lillard admits he’s now obsessed with beating the Warriors.

Guess who will host the NBA’s awards show? It’s not Kevin Hart. That will be cold comfort for many of you.

And finally: Tim Hardaway is out here claiming that Allen Iverson didn’t popularize the killer crossover, he did. Iverson kindly reminded us that Hardaway brought the crossover to the NBA, The Answer brought it to the Hall of Fame. Got ’em.

This archetype and the use of it as a positive by journalists like Spector, is a symptom of hockey’s backwardness. It’s a manifestation of an unwillingness to change and embrace new ways of thinking and looking at the game that holds it back in a way that sports like soccer and baseball have managed to break away from. And more to the point, it’s a form of gatekeeping that stifles innovation and new thought in a sport that desperately needs it.

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