There should be few boobirds in Philadelphia after the draft when it comes to the home team.

The Bears’ drafted started awful with the expensive and questionable trade-up for Trubisky, and with only four more picks to compensate, things didn’t get much better. Shaheen and Jackson fill needs, but more based on upside than solidity. Really, the diminutive dasher Cohen was the standout best pick. It’s atrocious the Bears didn’t take a corner or linebacker, and they didn’t get much-needed offensive line help until the end.

There should be few boobirds in Philadelphia after the Cheap Dan Marino Jerseys draft when it comes to the home team. Every need was checked off with no reaches, and both Barnett and Jones are ideal defensive scheme fits. They padded the re-made wideout corps for Carson Wentz, too, and found their new change-up speed back in Humphrey.

This one’s tricky. There’s no doubt McCaffrey is an exceptionally fast player who can inject Carolina with the dynamic versatility it’s been missing in its running, receiving and return games. But in relation to holdover veteran back Jonathan Stewart and fellow Panthers rookie Curtis Samuel, McCaffrey’s usage in those areas right away is uncertain.

For McCaffrey to get in the offensive rookie of the year mix, he’ll need 15-20 touches per game rather than 5-10. The four rookies above him have more defined roles. With McCaffrey, it’s more wait and see, but we could look up and see undeniable rookie numbers by season’s end.

The Saints were on an early millennium roll of finding little-knowns from smaller colleges. Evans became a fixture on their interior line after his rise from tiny Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania.

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