Tom Brady’s new teammate Stephon Gilmore names baby daughter ‘Gisele’

Stephon Gilmore signed with the Patriots last week, and he’s already made at least one move that Tom Brady can appreciate.

On his introductory teleconference with the New England media, the former Bills cornerback revealed that his daughter, who was born the day Gilmore signed with the Patriots, is named Gisele.

Murphy was worth every dollar of the free-agent deal the Nationals gave him last offseason; he hit .347 with 25 homers and 104 RBIs and finished second in the NL MVP vote. Turner hit .342 in 73 games as a rookie, and now he moves from center field back to his natural position at shortstop after the Nats traded for Adam Eaton to play center (and traded away incumbent shortstop Danny Espinosa). Rendon rebounded from an injury-shortened 2015 season with 20 homers and a 4.1 WAR in 2016. Zimmerman keeps them out of the top five; he is a Washington, D.C.-era franchise icon, but hasn’t played more than 115 games or produced a WAR better than 0.7 since 2013.

Gisele, of course, shares her first name with Gisele Bündchen, Tom Brady’s well-known supermodel wife.

Gilmore tweeted the news of the birth of his daughter Friday

Signed with the Patriots and my wife is having my daughter on the same day. What a Blessing ????

ESPN’s Mike Reiss reported that Gilmore said he was simply looking for a name that began with the letter “G,” as his wife’s name is Gabrielle.

New Patriots wide receiver Brandin Cooks still hasn’t had Cheap Atlanta Braves Jerseys his opening teleconference yet, but it’ll be tough for him to top this connection that Gilmore and Brady now have.

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