We selected Moss in the first round at pick No. 21

Let’s start where everybody likes to start with the 34-year-old: Cutler’s negatives.

Right or wrong, the impression of Cutler as a player was that he was disinterested, just not that into football. No. 6 was never a fiery leader like Tom Brady. He was passive and subdued; Eli Manning without the Super Bowl rings.

TV cameras frequently captured Cutler’s gloomy puss, double-chins and slumped shoulders on the sidelines. Has there ever been a franchise QB with worse body language?

A Tumblr site called “Smokin’ Jay Cutler” salutes him as the “most apathetic looking athlete in the history of sports.” The Cutler smoking meme has been all over social media for years.

I dealt with similar draft decisions, though none involving a situation as egregious as that of Mixon. The most notable for me came with the Vikings in 1998, when we selected Randy Moss.

Moss clearly was a top-five talent, but he had been involved in a bad high school fight over a racial slur against a friend. He also had an alleged failed marijuana test, which prompted Florida State to dump him. Moss of course wound up at Marshall, where he was an outstanding player. But the character questions lingered.

One of our scouts, Conrad Cardano, spent extensive time researching Moss. Cardano had coached with Marshall head coach Bob Pruett, who convinced him Moss was a great talent whose Cheap Michael Jordan Jerseys For Sale off-field problems were in the past. Cardano recommended Moss and was not wishy-washy (as so many scouts can be to avoid putting themselves on a limb).

We selected Moss in the first round at pick No. 21, where the financial risk was far less compared that of a pick at the top of the draft. We also knew our All-Pro receiver Cris Carter would be a great mentor for Moss, which ended up being the case.

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