Could Bill Belichick’s pal Chip Kelly land with Patriots?

Patriots coach Bill Belichick’s friendship with fired 49ers coach Chip Kelly and Kelly’s desire to stay in the NFL could land him a job in New England, ESPN reported.

The two, Chris Mortensen noted, have exchanged football concepts since Kelly’s fast-tempo offense became the rage at Oregon.

The team had already been docked a fifth-round pick for allowing excessive contact in a June 2016 OTA. The report says if the NFL were to take the Seahawks’ second-round pick it would simply be an upgrade from their current penalty.

No one would have known Seattle’s crime had Pete Carroll not spilled the beans Monday on his radio show. He later tried to rectify his mistake by explaining it was his fault.

Im feeling like I screwed that up with not telling you that. He was OK, so I dont know. He (Sherman) never missed anything, I guess, is probably why, Carroll said, via Fox I didnt realize that we hadnt even revealed it. I dont even remember what game (he hurt it), it was somewhere in the middle, he was fine about it, he didnt miss anything.

The report states that fines could also come into play, but Cheap Jerseys And Jordans the Seahawks have cooperated with the league and are hoping the fact Sherman never missed Cheap Jerseys China any time helps them keep their second-round pick.

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