Don’t bet against Roger Goodell, NFL making Vegas happen

Las Vegas is still on the table for the NFL. But it’s time for Roger Goodell to stop acting like the league doesn’t want to put in all of its chips.

It’s already proved it doesn’t mind the “painful process” of relocating a franchise in swift fashion to where there’s a newer stadium and higher revenue stream. Oakland is already another St. Louis or San Diego in the making, a dead NFL city walking.

What we’re getting out of this: Clinton-Dix doesn’t necessarily love Capers’ play-calling (“good enough” isn’t a glowing endorsement), but he at least is willing to do all he can to execute it, and he thinks the unit would be better if his teammates did the same.

Capers, 66, has served as Green Bay’s defensive coordinator since 2009. His unit that season ranked seventh in points allowed per game. It then ranked second in 2010, the year the Packers won the Super Bowl.

But, although the Packers have made the playoffs in each of Capers’ eight seasons with the team, including five NFC North titles, Green Bay’s defense hasn’t ranked higher than 11th in points allowed per game since that Super season.

SN’s Vinnie Iyer does not put all the blame on Capers, but Baseball Jerseys Rugby Cheap Jerseys he does consider the NFC title game blowout a sign that changes on that side of the ball would be in Green Bay’s best interest.

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