DeMar DeRozan’s daughter was the best part of the Cavaliers-Raptors series

Beal blossomed into a scary all-around scorer this season. Not only can he create his own shot in the pick-and-roll as a secondary playmaker, he’s developed into the perfect complement to John Wall by being one of the best spot-up shooters in the NBA who is also comfortable running his defender off of multiple screens for 3-pointers and midrange pull-ups.

Put it this way: Beal averaged 4.6 points per game this season coming off of screens. They made up for 22.4 percent of his offense in total, and he ranked in the 60.4 percentile with 0.98 points per possession. The only player who scored more frequently than him in those situations was Klay Thompson, and he averaged 6.6 points off of screens per game. Thompson was more efficient overall, although Beal converted his attempts at a slightly higher rate.

Yeah, yeah, the Raptors got swept by the Cavaliers. Uh-huh, LeBron James Best Site For Cheap Jerseys is really good, yeah, whatever.

The most important and entertaining thing to come out of the Raptors-Cavaliers series? DeMar DeRozan’s daughter during the Game 4 postgame press conference.

The kissy faces! The smiling directly into the camera! The bedazzled Raptors jacket! Diar is absolutely lethal from cute-point range.

Even though the Raptors got trounced by the Buy Cheap Jerseys Online Cavaliers, Diar is a real winner here.

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