Lonzo Ball’s new shoe logo accused of being a rip-off of Ohio State’s Zone 6

As Chris Herring of FiveThirtyEight pointed out, there are pros and cons to the way Westbrook pushes the ball in transition. The Thunder are the quickest team in the NBA at getting off shots after a turnover, and they rank fifth in the NBA with their average possession lasting 11.5 second after a defensive rebound, according to Inpredictable. The problem is the Thunder also rank 21st in points per possession following a defensive rebound and 28th in points per possession following a turnover. That’s largely because Westbrook ranks in the 31.2 percentile himself in transition efficiency with 0.99 points per possession.

So while Westbrook can pull of moves like this in the open court…

Everyone knew there would be controversy when Lonzo Ball released his shoe, and naturally there was as the Big Baller Brand released the new baller’s footwear for an astonishing price of $495.

But maybe not as many people expected this.

Ohio State receivers coach Zach Smith is claiming Lonzo Ball’s new Baseball Jerseys Custom ZO2 logo is a ripoff of a logo he came up with this season for Buckeye receivers Zone 6.

Now, Smith doesn’t have a copyright on the logo, so this isn’t quite the same instance as Huey Lewis and the News with their ‘I want a New Drug’ and the ‘Ghostbusters’ theme Basketball Jerseys For Sale song fued, but still, it does create a little bit of controversy which may even be good for the brand.

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