Run The Jewels threw out the first pitch at Wrigley Field and Killer Mike nailed it

This mostly has to do with his Andrus bond, but Beltre has never met an easy pop-up he couldn’t exploit for his own benefit. It’s usually just distracting enough to be funny but not dangerous, and Beltre enjoys doing it so dang much it’s hard not to appreciate the joke along with him.

This is pretty self-explanatory in that his son, Adrian Beltre Jr., is not only adorable but is mimicking his father as he grows up just like many kids do. However it’s better than a normal kid specifically because his dad is Adrian Beltre.

Beltre Jr. has mimicked his dad’s swing pregame (and hit some bombs while he was at it!), taken part in some pretty intense games of father-son catch where he showed off some serious sidearm toss skills, and just been an all-around mini-me to his dad. With Beltre being such a character, we would be remiss if we didn’t hope for that trend to keep going and the world to grant us another baseball Beltre:

Since Lollapalooza is happening in Chicago this weekend, the Cubs are having some fun by getting performing artists involved. For Friday’s game, the special guests were El-P and Killer Mike of Run the Jewels.

Killer Mike threw a strike right down the middle of the plate, with El-P coming close but not quite matching his artistic partner’s accuracy. By celebrity first pitch standards though, this display of athleticism was pretty good.

After it was over El-P thanked “baseball Jesus for guiding our arms straight” which is a good move just in case Baseball Jesus got mad that he didn’t get a thank you card in the mail Cheap NBA Basketball Jerseys and Cheap MLB Jerseys Free Shipping decided to curse their next time throwing out a first pitch.

The duo didn’t just depart the field with good memories and the satisfaction of a job well done, though, they also got their own personal jerseys.

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