The Cardinals’ Rally Cat was stolen and lost, and nothing makes sense

On Wednesday night, an adorable kitten wandered onto the Busch Stadium field in St. Louis and quickly became an icon. Immediately after it was removed from the field, the Cardinals hit a grand slam, courtesy of Yadier Molina — but it’s at this point the story gets weird.

I guess a free Travis Wood is something that any team can use. Ruiz is an 18-year-old raffle ticket in Rookie League. Strahm is a 25-year-old starter with dodgy control and homer problems. It’s possible that all three work out, but it’s an underwhelming return for a team that’s openly rebuilding.

More importantly, however, we have the decision to keep Brad Hand. Considering that the Orioles held on to Zach Britton, it’s possible that the bottom fell out of the super-reliever market, especially after Justin Wilson went to the Cubs. With Hand under team control at bargain rates for the next two seasons, there was no reason to give him away.

There had to be one deal that made sense. One deal that fit in Cheap Los Angeles Dodgers Jerseys with an organizational philosophy of “We’ve found Brad Hand before. We’ll find Brad Hand again,” which would allow the Padres to Cheap Lebron Jerseys get the kinds of prospects or young players they can’t find under a rock. Instead, the Padres set an Andrew Miller asking price based on a few months of Miller-like pitching, which is total second-wave-trend stuff. The Padres are trying to tell you why their fidget spinner is as good as those name brand fidget spinners, and you’re right to be skeptical.

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