Tom Brady’s concussion comments are more damaging than you think

Just in case the NFL hasn’t already told you 40,000 times, Tom Brady celebrated his 40th birthday on Thursday. One day later, the Patriots quarterback reminded us that any potential concussion he may have had last season was not “anybody’s business.”

The Patriots are the least forthcoming when it comes to information on injuries, including their severity. Brady may have had absolutely nothing happen to his head in 2016 or he could have been concussed at the highest grade. We were never going to know either way, and not knowing is what hurts the cause. Gisele Bundchen’s claim that her husband had past concussions might as well have never been said.

“If anybody should be a judge of quarterbacks, I’ve played with the most quarterbacks in NFL history throughout my first four years,” DeAndre Hopkins said after practice Friday, via ESPN. “So I put the stamp on (Tom) Savage, and I think that’s all that needs to be said about that.”

Savage was drafted by the O’Brien regime, he has a few starts under his belt with the Texans and has been working with Hopkins for the longest of any quarterback currently on the Texans’ roster.

While Watson is likely to be the quarterback of the future for Houston, Hopkins is thinking about the present. And at present, he sees Savage giving his team the best chance to win.

“I know he can help us win what we want to win. He does everything well,” Hopkins said. “He’s a student of the game, from just being on the bench, watching and learning from other people’s mistakes, seeing what they’ve done wrong. He can put the ball in any place. He has a strong arm. He has a knowledge of this offense. He’s been in this offense his whole career.”

Hopkins is entering the final year of his contract for the Texans this Cheap Jerseys Direct NBA season and can become a free agent after the year. If he decides he doesn’t like the quarterback situation for the Cheap Jerseys Custom Texans this season, it could be the end of Nuke in Houston.

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