Jay-Z applauds LaVar Ball: ‘That man has a vision of his own’

“That man has a vision of his own,” he said. “Why wouldn’t I support him? Jay Z on Lavar Ball: “That man has a vision of his own, why wouldn’t I support him?” pic.twitter.com/qJ12lUXpnM An expiring deal is one thing — it gives teams a short-term window to capitalize on on-court value before making use […]

It was Game 4 of 2013 Eastern Conference Finals matchup between the Pacers and the Heat

So to recap, the U.S. becomes champion in a way-too-early Women’s World Cup by having Air Bud save the day, which feels a bit like cheating. But I came to see a dog play soccer, and I think I got what I paid for, which is whatever Netflix pays Disney each time I stream Air […]

it sounds like the NBA would prefer to put two more teams in the West while moving the Memphis Grizzlies to the East.

Kristian: Seattle got a really good pick in Chandler here, a vet who can mentor the young guys and still turn in valuable minutes as a defensive anchor and rebounder. We went ahead and grabbed the youngest available version of Chandler in John Henson. Henson became somewhat of an afterthought in Milwaukee Buy Cheap Jerseys […]