Why Adidas is hesitant to give Andrew Wiggins a signature shoe

Signature shoes are reserved for the highest-profile athletes in the NBA — only 16 players have a signature model. So when it’s time for Adidas to re-sign Andrew Wiggins when his large rookie shoe contract expires, they’ll have to decide if he meets that criteria.

Adidas reportedly has a “strong hesitation” to giving Wiggins a signature shoe, according to a report from ESPN’s Nick DePaula. It is instead eyeing Giannis Antetokounmpo to tote as its next big star.

Antetokounmpo’s deal with Nike expires in September and he’ll have suitors galore, including Adidas. But that could leave Wiggins in a tough spot on Adidas’ basketball roster.

Every brand wants a top notch, high-flying wing player. When Adidas signed him to a 5-year deal where he could make $12 million annually before the 2014 NBA draft, the company thought Wiggins could be just that. But his career hasn’t actualized into what it envisioned to this point, according to DePaula.

These contract negotiations were once expected to handle themselves, with multiple teams reportedly lining up to offer Noel big deals when free agency began.

But dancing with a restricted free agent can be a tricky, costly venture. The Nets offered Wizards RFA Otto Porter a max offer sheet this summer. Washington not only matched the offer, but took the maximum amount of time to do so. As a result, Brooklyn watched other prospective free agents sign elsewhere while their money was tied up in the Porter offer.

To avoid a similar fate, teams have declined to tie up their money in a large Sports Cheap Jerseys contract offer on Noel, putting the Mavs in the driver’s seat of contract negotiations.

Enter Rich Paul, who has a history of staying patient until he get exactly Texans Cheap Jerseys what he wants, when he wants it.

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