Two key members of the Colts secondary did not practice Wednesday.

Jackson: “We used to run all trap coverages and blitz inside, and Sean was the over-the-top defender to the blitz side. He’d line up to the other side of the field and make it look like no one was over there trapping and the guy was wide open. It played right into what the gambler Brett Favre wanted. He became the cat chasing the mouse. He set up the traps, and as soon as we ran those blitzes and calls, Sean knew it instantly, and Favre took the bait and kept trying to get it in there. It was a masterful day, a perfect example technique-wise and teaching of the tape of how to teach guys how to bait a QB into throwing interceptions.”

Green Bay assistant coach Ben McAdoo, 2006-13: “It’s hard to hit the sweet spot in the zone when you have a player like him who can cover a large amount of ground.”

Starting safety Matthias Farley and rookie cornerback Nate Hairston, who has locked himself into the nickel spot, were both out with quad injuries. Both players finished last weekend’s game against the Seahawks. Veteran Darius Butler could start at safety if Farley is forced to miss Sunday’s game against the 49ers. Rookie cornerback Quincy Wilson returned to practice, albeit on a limited basis, on Wednesday. — Mike Wells

The Patriots’ defense has had issues since the opening loss to the Chiefs. If Cam Newton was what he usually is when fully healthy, that would be a problem for New England. He’s Cheap Hats And Jerseys not, so Cheap Game Jerseys it’s not. The Panthers’ offense has been less than optimal so far. The dramatic comeback notwithstanding, the Patriots still aren’t as sharp as they can be, but this is their window to get closer.

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