NBA All-Star sneaker videos get ‘Full House’ treatment, and it’s too perfect

What’s better than an All-Star introduction highlighting the best sneakers from Sunday’s game? An All-Star introduction highlighting the best sneakers from Sunday’s game set to the theme of “Full House,” obviously.

That’s less of a concern on offense where motor and effort are more important than technique, but it does matter on the defensive end where Gafford either frequently misses box outs or gets displaced:

The Jazz got a bonafide star on their hands with Mitchell, and All-Star Saturday night only put on full display what fans in Utah have been watching all season. (You can — and should — watch all of Mitchell’s dunks here.)

The new All-Star format: Contested jumpers? Transition defense? A final possession ending with a stop and celebration? Yes, the new format did its job.

James and Curry set the tone by taking the All-Star Game seriously, and while it will never feel like a playoff game, this showcase saw improvement from last year’s East vs. West version. If it wasn’t clear enough, this is the face of a man who wanted to win.

Hill figures to replace Thomas as the point guard in the starting lineup, which will have a profound impact on Cleveland’s offense. Whereas Thomas’ usage rate with the Cavaliers this season was 28.1 percent, Hill’s usage rate with the Kings was 17.0 percent. He’s only ever had a usage rate above 20.0 percent twice in his career, and one of those seasons was when he had to take on more playmaking responsibility following Paul George’s injury with Team USA.

Hill can make plays with the ball in his hands — he ranked in the 91.6 percentile with 1.00 points per pick-and-roll possession with the Jazz last season — but his ability to play off-ball will be a huge asset to the Cavaliers.

In 43 games with the Kings this season, Hill converted 47.1 Baseball Jerseys Wholesale percent of his catch-and-shoot 3-pointers and 39.8 percent of his midrange pull-ups. He Buy Cheap Jerseys had similar splits when he was with the Jazz last season, knocking down 39.7 percent on catch-and-shoot 3-pointers and 44.5 percent on midrange pull-ups.

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