Mysterious NFL draft has players speculating just as much as experts

With the NFL draft only a day away, the top prospects in this class are just like everyone else: They have no idea how the first round will unfold Thursday night.

At this point in the draft process, there is usually some degree of certainty in what will happen atop the board. But with the Cleveland Browns, who own first and fourth picks, silent about their plans, everyone from the top quarterbacks to the elite defensive prospects are in the dark.

There are a couple wild cards in the draft — teams in the top five — where no one has any idea what they’re doing, and they have the ability to trade out, UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen said. So with this draft — and I haven’t really paid attention to many other drafts — but it really seems like no one knows what’s going on.

That’s left everyone, from Jeremiah and his draftnik colleagues, to the players themselves, trying to guess what Browns general manager John Dorsey will do.

Obviously, Cleveland holds the key right not to set off what happens after that, said Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen, potentially a future Brown. Who knows what’s going to happen, but I think I can speak to all of us when I say we’re just looking forward to being on teams.

I am extremely passionate about golf, and look forward to assembling a team of the NFL’s top golfers to determine, once and for all, which league is truly top on the links. Said Paul: Golf is a favorite sport of mine and I’m thrilled to be hosting this unique tournament where NBA and NFL athletes will trade the court and field for the green. Competitiveness is essential in our respective sports and I look forward to competing alongside and against the best athletes while raising money for charity.

According to Sports Illustrated and Pro Football Focus, Allen had a passer rating of 73.4 when under pressure — well below the other top quarterbacks in the class and even the NCAA-wide average of 90. As he repeatedly struggled to identify blitzes and go through his progression in a speedy manner, he too often settled for dangerous throws and ended up with an interception rate of one per 30.9 passes throughout his career.

To be fair, Allen has faced a level of scrutiny Cheap Atlanta Braves Jerseys heavy even for a top quarterback in the NFL draft, as his high school completion rate was used by some to highlight concerns. He’s also faced comparisons to the likes of Kyle Boller, the former Ravens first rounder who completed just 47.8% of his passes. Others have wondered if he is at risk of becoming the next Christian Hackenberg, who has yet to play a single down for the Jets two Cheap Barcelona Jerseys years after being selected in the second round.

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